The Shih Tzu is a very spunky but sweet breed that is both a gentle lap dog and an outgoing addition to your family. It has a lively and happy attitude and loves to play.  The Shih Tzu  is affectionate to its family and great with children.   Our adult's and their babies love to tear around the yard with myself and our children, playing tug of war, catch me if you can, and simply rolling around with joy.  While this breed enjoys such play time, they will follow with long periods of napping happily by your side, on the bed, or snuggled in your arms.  Our shih tzu's love taking long rides in the car perched on your shoulder or lap, looking avidly out the window and enjoying the wind blowing through their long, beautiful coat.  They are your constant companion, and will follow you RIGHT at your feet everywhere you go.....they simply love their human families unconditionally!